Samskaara Academy


Web Design


Proposing to do the Website design for Samksaara Academy a well known school in Coimbatore, South India. At Samskaara the educational process follows the Montessori methodology, providing an ongoing exploration of learning and nurturing.

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Creative Process

1. Research - Who are their competitors? What kind of website are there similar to their website? 2. User Profiling - detailed descriptions or representations of the different types of users who will interact with a product, service, or system 3. Mood boarding - Exploring visually the following: Idea exploration, Conceptualisation, Inspirations 3. Preliminary designs - Presenting a few landing page ideas to the client 4. Final design - Finalising the design for the website


The recently launched website effectively portrayed the brand's core values and resonated with its intended audience. As a result, the website has experienced substantial audience expansion.


By conducting thorough research and engaging in a collaborative design approach, we successfully developed a distinctive and efficient website design that aligned with the client's goals, leading them to accomplish their business objectives.